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Best Cabin Suitcase for Ryanair: Travel Smart 2024

When choosing the perfect cabin suitcase for travelling with Ryanair, we must consider the airline’s stringent baggage policies. Our options should combine practicality with durability, ensuring we stay within the size and weight restrictions set by one of Europe’s most popular budget airlines. We understand that travellers face a plethora of choices, so we’ve dedicated our efforts to finding suitcases that meet these guidelines precisely, ensuring a stress-free start to our journey.

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Our focus centres on suitcases that are designed to maximise packing space without exceeding Ryanair’s cabin baggage dimensions of 55cm x 40cm x 20cm. We aim to highlight products that showcase robust construction, ease of manoeuvrability, and secure locking systems. We prioritise features such as multi-directional wheels, ergonomic handles, and intelligent interiors, which all contribute to a seamless travel experience.

Our extensive research takes into account a variety of materials, from hard-shell to soft-sided options, and we consider the benefits of each type in relation to Ryanair’s specifications. Our guidance is meant to assist us in making well-informed decisions when selecting a cabin suitcase that best aligns with our personal preferences and the airline’s rules. We strive to provide a comprehensive overview of the best cabin suitcases available, catering to a wide range of tastes and budgets.

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Choosing the Right Ryanair Cabin Suitcase

When selecting a suitcase for Ryanair, it’s crucial to consider their baggage policy to avoid extra fees. We’ll guide you through the key factors to ensure you find the optimal cabin suitcase.

Size and Weight Specifications

Ryanair’s cabin luggage allowance states that a carry-on bag must be within 40x20x25cm to qualify as a free personal bag. For those with Priority & 2 Cabin Bags, the dimensions must not exceed 55x40x20cm, and the weight should be under 10kg. It’s advisable to opt for a lightweight suitcase, such as a polyester or canvas option, to maximise packing capacity without breaching the limit.

Material and Durability

The material of your suitcase determines both weight and durability. A hard shell design, often crafted from polycarbonate, provides exceptional protection against wear and tear during travel. Conversely, soft-sided suitcases made from high-quality fabrics like ballistic nylon offer flexibility and additional pockets. We should focus on selecting a sturdy option that can handle the rigours of frequent flying.

Convenience Features

For convenience, features such as spinner wheels for effortless airport navigation and compression straps to secure belongings are integral. An external pocket can offer quick access to travel essentials like passports and itineraries. We must ensure the suitcase facilitates easy travel, from check-in through to boarding the plane.

Types of Cabin Luggage

The type of luggage – whether a suitcase, backpack, or travel backpack – impacts the travel experience. A wheelie bag or spinner suitcase is best for those who prefer rolling their bag, whereas a cabin bag or carryon luggage that doubles as a backpack can provide versatility for different travel scenarios.

What Brands do we Recommend?

Top recommended brands that provide cabin suitcases ideal for Ryanair include Aerolite Cabin Suitcases, for its high durability and tech-friendly features, Antler, Coolife  which combines style with practicality, and Cabin Max for maximising the allowed dimensions while ensuring simplicity in design. These brands have consistent praise for their reliable luggage options that align with Ryanair’s baggage allowance, ensuring a stress-free flight.

By taking into account these specific features and recommendations, we can confidently choose the right cabin suitcase that meets Ryanair’s requirements and caters to our personal travel needs.

Packing and Travel Tips

When we fly with Ryanair, it’s crucial to master the art of packing and understand the latest airline regulations. Our travel experience can be significantly enhanced with efficient packing strategies and by knowing the difference between carry-on and checked luggage. Let’s look into specific tips and strategies for travelling smartly and economically with Ryanair.

Efficient Packing Strategies

We must select luggage that maximises our allotment without exceeding Ryanair’s cabin baggage limitations. Compression straps and outer pockets are essential for compact packing, ensuring our hand luggage fits into overhead bins. Utilising space-saving bags and packing cubes can help us compress our clothes and maximise space.

Carry-On vs Check-In

Carrying on is always more convenient, but we must be aware of the limits. For Ryanair, one small personal bag fitting under the seat is allowed. However, with priority boarding, two cabin bags are permitted. Checked luggage costs extra, so it’s best to pack light to avoid these fees.

Accessories and Personal Items

Always keep documents and essential personal items in an accessible compartment. A durable suitcase with organised sections can keep our items secure. We should also pack a versatile small personal bag for our travel necessities, ensuring smooth security checks and boarding.

Traveling with Electronics

Tech must be easily removable for security scans. We recommend a special compartment or a separate electronics bag that fits Ryanair’s luggage allowance to avoid damage during travel. Battery packs and chargers should be kept in hand luggage to prevent issues with checked luggage.

Airline Policies and Updates

Ryanair’s cabin baggage and luggage fees can change; staying updated on Ryanair’s baggage allowance is paramount. We can visit their official website or subscribe to their newsletter for the latest policy updates to avoid unexpected costs at the airport.

Advantages of Prioritizing Cabin Bags

Prioritising cabin bags over hold luggage on budget airlines like Ryanair saves us luggage fees. Cabin bags streamline our travel, allowing for faster airport transits and ensuring our belongings stay with us throughout the journey.

Cost-Saving Tips

To minimise expenses, we opt for luggage that fits within free allowances. Purchasing priority & 2 cabin bags offers more flexibility. Weighing our bags before reaching the airport can avert excess weight charges, maintaining our budget-friendly travel.


In this section, we address common queries about travelling with cabin luggage on Ryanair flights, focusing on the size, weight, and durability aspects of luggage options.

A detailed answer to provide information about your business, build trust with potential clients, and help convince the visitor that you are a good fit for them.

Hard-shell suitcases made from polycarbonate or ABS are generally the most robust. We opt for well-known brands that specialise in durable luggage designed to withstand the rigours of frequent travel.

Ryanair is known to be quite strict. We should anticipate gate checks, so it’s prudent to adhere closely to their size and weight guidelines for cabin baggage.

Yes, the weight limit for hand luggage on Ryanair is typically 10 kilograms. This allows us to carry enough for a short trip while adhering to airline regulations.

Yes, a suitcase measuring 40x20x25cm is allowed on board as a small personal bag without additional charges, fitting under the seat in front of us.

Inspecting travel forums, we find that travellers often recommend lightweight, durable suitcases from reputable brands. They suggest ones that maximise space while fitting comfortably within Ryanair’s cabin baggage dimensions.