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EasyJet hand luggage allowance and how to avoid fees

EasyJet has strict policies for baggage size and weight, and ignoring the specifications comes at a steep cost. Here’s how to avoid it

There isn’t much wiggle room when it comes to EasyJet’s baggage stipulations. All passengers get one free under-the-seat bag; any additional items of luggage must be booked and paid for online before you check in.

At check-in, you’ll encounter fees for extra, overweight or oversized bags – and your bag may have to go into the hold if space is at a premium on the flight. EasyJet is also notorious for checking luggage at the gate, picking hand luggage that’s the correct size is important, as is making sure it’s under the maximum weight. So if you were thinking of taking your kitchen sink away with you, you’d be best off taking a checked suitcase.

As mentioned, standard passengers get one free cabin bag, which must fit under the seat in front. Unless you’re an EasyJet Plus member, or have bought a Flexi fare, any other baggage must be booked and paid-for ideally before you arrive at the airport. With a Flexi fare, you get speedy boarding (priority boarding) as a perk.

EasyJet made just under £1.6bn in extra fees in 2022, which was just under a third of its revenue, so clearly baggage fees are a key money spinner for the airline. As an investigation by the BBC’s Rip off Britain found, EasyJet has cut the size of its free cabin baggage allowance by half since 2018.

EasyJet baggage size allowances

Making sure you have the correct size of bag is essential if you’re flying with EasyJet. Weight is within your control; but if your bag is too large, it will cost you.

TicketChecked bag size (max)Cabin baggage size (max) including handles and wheelsUnder seat baggage size (max), including handles and wheels
Standard farePAID: Total size has to be under 275cm (width + depth + height)PAID: 45 x 25 x 56cmFREE: 36 x 20 x 45cm
EasyJet Plus memberPAID: Total size has to be under 275cm (width + depth + height)FREE: 45 x 25 x 56cmFREE: 36 x 20 x 45cm
Flexi farePAID: Total size has to be under 275cm (width + depth + height)FREE: 45 x 25 x 56cmFREE: 36 x 20 x 45cm

Baggage weight allowance

Once you know that your bag size is correct, you’ll need to ensure you stick to the weight limit, too. Here’s a breakdown of the weights, by baggage type. Note that there are two hold baggage weights, 15kg and 23kg, with the option to increase the weight in 3kg increments up to a 32kg maximum.

TicketChecked bag weight (max)Cabin baggage weight (max)Under seat baggage weight (max)
Standard farePAID: Two weight options: 15kg and 23kgPAID: 15kgFREE: 15kg
EasyJet Plus memberPAID: Two weight options: 15kg and 23kgFREE: 15kgFREE: 15kg
Flexi farePAID: Two weight options: 15kg and 23kgFREE: 15kgFREE: 15kg
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EasyJet baggage fees

Here’s a quick breakdown of the costs for luggage with EasyJet at the time of writing (which could be subject to change). Note that prices vary across routes, so this is a guide to the minimum you’ll have to pay.

Online booking

  • Large cabin bag: from £5.99 (online only option)
  • Hold luggage up to 15kg: from £6.99
  • Hold luggage up to 23kg: from £9.49
  • Additional weight (over 23kg up to 32kg): £15 per 3kg

At the airport

  • Hold luggage up to 15kg: £40 (at bag drop)
  • Airport bag fee (oversized or non-purchased bags at gate): £48
  • Excess weight fee (hold items): £12 per kg

EasyJet’s fees for extra, overweight or oversized bags

If you get to the airport and discover that your bag is overweight or oversized, EasyJet will charge you a fee. For an oversized small or large cabin bag, or any non-purchased bags brought to the gate, the fee is £48.

Travelling with children on EasyJet flights

EasyJet has a standard £25 fee per infant, per flight. This is for an infant sitting on your lap. Infants are allowed one additional baby changing bag (36 x 20 x 45cm), which must fit under the seat in front of you. If the infant is occupying their own seat, they’re allowed a small cabin bag plus a changing bag (max 36 x 20 x 45cm).

Families can also bring up to two items for free including a pushchair, booster seat, car seat or travel cot, which will be placed in the hold. These items can be checked in before security, or are collected from you before you board. After the flight, you can collect them from baggage reclaim.

Increasing your EasyJet baggage allowance

The easiest way to do this is at the time of making your initial booking. You can add a large cabin bag if you’ve already checked in, with prices starting from £5.99, through the Manage Bookings page online or through the mobile app. If this option isn’t showing as available, your best course of action is to book a hold bag.

If you fail to book a hold bag, choosing to simply arrive at the airport with it in tow, then you could face a situation where there isn’t enough room and your bag won’t be checked in. Remember, you need to book your bags for both the outward and return journey.