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What are Tui Baggage Allowance Rules:

TUI Airways, a British charter airline, offers a range of flights and holiday packages to destinations around the globe. Understanding the baggage allowance for TUI flights is crucial for travellers as it dictates how much luggage they can bring, along with size and weight restrictions. TUI baggage allowance policies are designed to accommodate the needs of passengers while ensuring safety and comfort during travel.

Baggage allowances on TUI flights vary depending on the ticket fare, destination, and length of stay, among other factors. Standard allowances typically include a carry-on bag with specific dimensions and weight, in addition to checked luggage which also has its own set criteria. TUI provides clear guidelines on their baggage policy to avoid any last-minute surprises at the airport.

For those going on TUI holidays, having a precise understanding of TUI baggage allowance is essential for a smooth start to their journey. Whether travelling light or with ample luggage, passengers need to adhere to TUI’s limits to prevent any additional charges or inconvenience. Comprehension of these details ensures holidaymakers can focus on enjoying their trip without baggage-related concerns.

Understanding Tui Baggage Policies

When travelling with Tui, it is essential to be aware of the airline’s specific baggage allowances and restrictions to ensure a smooth journey. Both hand and checked luggage are subject to limitations and fees that passengers must adhere to.

Hand Luggage Restrictions

Each passenger flying with Tui is permitted one piece of hand luggage that should not exceed the dimensions of 55cm x 40cm x 20cm and the weight limit of 10kg. In addition to the hand luggage, a small personal item such as a handbag or laptop bag may be carried on board. Passengers should be aware of the liquids restrictions in hand luggage, which must be in containers of no more than 100ml each and placed in a clear, resealable plastic bag with a total capacity not exceeding 1 litre.

Checked Baggage Guidelines

The standard checked baggage or hold luggage allowance for Tui flights is dependent on the fare type and destination. Generally, the weight limit for a single piece of checked baggage is 20kg, but this can vary so checking the specific ticket details is recommended. The size of the checked luggage must comply with the overall dimensions limit (length + width + height) of 158cm. Baggage that exceeds these limits will incur additional fees.

Additional and Excess Baggage

For passengers needing to bring more than the standard luggage allowance, additional bags can be pre-booked for a fee. Excess baggage fees apply to luggage that exceeds the predetermined weight and size restrictions. These fees can be substantial, so it is advisable to weigh and measure luggage before arriving at the airport. Charges also apply to oversized and excess luggage, and the fee structure varies depending on the route.

Additional Services and Support

TUI provides a range of additional services to cater to the diverse needs of travellers, from those carrying special items and sports equipment to families travelling with infants. Exceptional customer support ensures that passengers experience a seamless journey.

Special Items and Sports Equipment

TUI recognises the need for travellers to bring equipment for hobbies and sports, with streamlined processes for items such as skis, golf bags, and diving gear. Bookings for special items can often incur additional charges, varying according to the item’s size and weight. For specifics on charges and restrictions for your Marella Cruises or package holiday bookings, it is advisable to check TUI’s official website or contact customer service.

  • Musical Instruments: Must adhere to cabin luggage size or book as hold luggage if larger.
  • Sports Equipment: Pre-booking required; subject to additional fees.

Travelling with Infants and Special Cases

Passengers with infants are permitted to bring essential items, such as a pushchair, free of charge on both TUI package holidays and flight only options. The TUI Premium Club offers additional comfort and cabin bag allowances which can benefit those travelling with infants or in special cases.

  • Infants: Allowed one pushchair plus other essentials.
  • Wedding Packages: Special services for wedding attire.

Customer Assistance and Enquiries

For seamless travel planning, TUI’s dedicated customer service team assists with queries on hand luggage restrictions, package holiday details, and luggage size limitations. The TUI Group places a high priority on clear communication, offering:

  • Live tracking for bonded luggage.
  • Comprehensive support for Marella Cruises and holiday bookings.

All cabin luggage and hold luggage policies are clearly detailed on TUI’s website. Passengers can also reach out via telephone or email for assistance with special requests or concerns regarding their luggage for travel within the UK, Ireland, Europe, or to destinations from London.

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