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Best Place to Buy Luggage UK: Your Guide to Top Retailers

When looking for the Best Place to Buy Luggage UK, we prioritise durability, style, and value for money. The market offers a plethora of options, from hard-shell suitcases to lightweight carry-ons, making it essential to find a retailer that provides a wide selection to cater to all travel needs.

A bustling luggage store in the UK, with rows of colorful suitcases and travel bags on display, customers browsing and staff assisting

We’ve scoured various outlets across the country to bring you the most reliable places to purchase your travel companions. Whether you prefer to shop in person at high-street stores or enjoy the convenience of online shopping, we’ve got the scoop on where to find the best suitcases to ensure your belongings stay secure and organised on your travels.

Our extensive research into customer reviews, warranty offerings, and the range of products available leads us to recommend a few key sources. Department stores like John Lewis & Partners are known for their quality assortment of luggage brands, while specialists like Cases & Bags always keep up with the latest innovations in travel gear. For online shoppers, websites like and Argos have user-friendly platforms with extensive reviews that help in making an informed decision.

Understanding Different Types of Luggage

Various types of luggage arranged on display shelves in a store, including suitcases, duffel bags, backpacks, and carry-on bags. Labels indicate different sizes and features

When selecting the right type of luggage for our travel needs, we must consider factors like material and functionality. Here at we have broken down where the Best Place to Buy Luggage UK  & their main differences and uses.

Hard-Shell Versus Soft-Shell Suitcases

  • Hard-Shell Suitcases:
    • Constructed from materials like polycarbonate, offering superior protection.
    • Known for their durability; they resist impacts and keep contents safe.
  • Soft-Shell Suitcases:
    • Typically made from fabrics such as nylon or polyester, which allow for some flexibility.
    • Advantages include expandability and external pockets for easy access.

Expandable Luggage Options

  • Expandable Suitcases:
    • Provide the versatility of increased packing space when required.
    • They usually have a zippered section that can be unzipped to create more space.

Whether we choose a hard, soft, or expandable suitcase will hinge on our specific travel requirements, balancing the need for security against the versatility of space.

Top Luggage Brands in the UK

A display of top luggage brands in a UK store, with various sizes, colors, and designs showcased on shelves and racks

When considering luggage options in the UK, we focus on the combination of design and durability offered by popular brands like Samsonite, Antler, and American Tourister.

Samsonite Highlights

  • Design & Innovation: Samsonite consistently stays at the forefront with their innovative designs, providing travellers with functional yet stylish luggage options.
  • Durability: Their products are known for their durability, assuring us that a Samsonite suitcase is a reliable travel companion for both short city breaks and extended holidays.

Antler Clifton Features

  • Lightweight Construction: The Antler Clifton range highlights its lightweight polycarbonate shell, which is especially appreciated by us when navigating through busy airports.
  • Sleek Design: With an eye for detail, the aesthetics aren’t sacrificed, presenting us with a sleek design that doesn’t compromise on capacity or functionality.

American Tourister Soundbox Range

  • Expandability: The American Tourister Soundbox series stands out due to its expandable feature, allowing us to adapt the volume of the luggage according to our needs.
  • Vibrant Colours: Durable and hard-wearing, these suitcases catch our eye with their bold, vibrant colours, ensuring that they are easily spotted on the luggage carousel.

Features to Look For When Buying a Suitcase

A suitcase displayed on a clean, well-lit shelf with various sizes and colors nearby. A sign above reads "Features to Look For When Buying a Suitcase."

When selecting a suitcase, prioritise security, weight, manoeuvrability, and internal organisation. Focusing on these features ensures durability and ease of use during travel.

Security Aspects

  • TSA-approved locks: Essential for travel to and within the United States, allowing airport security to inspect luggage without damaging the lock.
  • Durable zippers: Strong zippers prevent theft and loss, especially when combined with built-in locks.

Weight and Manoeuvrability

  • Lightweight suitcase: Opt for a suitcase that is light when empty, as this gives you the advantage of packing more within airline weight limits.
  • Spinner suitcase: A suitcase with four wheels (360-degree spinner wheels) offers superior manoeuvrability through busy airports and narrow plane aisles.

Packing and Organisation

  • Packing cubes: Utilising packing cubes can dramatically improve packing efficiency and ease of access to items.
  • Divider: A built-in divider, often included in hard-sided cases, aids in organising and separating belongings.

Finding the Best Deals on Luggage

A bustling airport luggage store with colorful displays and discounted prices. Customers browse through various sizes and styles, comparing features and prices

When we’re shopping for luggage, ensuring value for money is paramount. We focus on finding sales and affordable accessories that complement our travel without stretching the budget.

Sales and Discounts

  • Look for Seasonal Sales: Many retailers offer significant discounts on luggage during post-holiday sales like after Christmas or the New Year. We always check during these times for the biggest price drops.
  • Sign Up for Newsletters: By subscribing to newsletters from reputable luggage stores, we’re often the first to know of any upcoming sales and exclusive member discounts.
  • Compare Prices Online: Checking various online retailers can reveal where the best deals are at any given time. Websites may offer online-only deals that aren’t available in stores.
  • Use Price Tracking Tools: Tools like Honey or CamelCamelCamel track the price history of products, alerting us when it’s the best time to buy.

Essential Accessories on a Budget

  • Prioritise Necessities: We identify which accessories are essential such as luggage tags, padlocks, and packing cubes. Our goal is to only spend on what will genuinely improve our travel experience.
  • Search for Combos: Some retailers offer luggage sets with accessories included. This often provides better value for money than purchasing items separately.
  • Browse Budget Stores: Stores like Primark or online platforms like Amazon can be treasure troves for affordable travel accessories.
  • Wait for Clearances: End-of-season clearances can be a great time to pick up accessories at a fraction of the cost. We keep our eyes open for these opportunities.

Using these strategies, we can effectively manage our budget while still obtaining quality luggage and necessary travel companions.

Tips for Travelling with Luggage

When we travel, efficient packing and understanding airline luggage policies are essential to a stress-free journey.

Packing Strategies

  • Utilise Packing Cubes: Packing cubes maximise space and keep items organised. Here’s how you should use them:
    1. Categorise: Sort clothes by type or outfit.
    2. Compress: Roll or fold garments to reduce bulk.
    3. Contain: Place in cubes and arrange in suitcase.
  • Choose Cabin Luggage Wisely:
    • Dimensions: Ensure your cabin suitcases meet the airline’s size requirements.
    • Durability: Opt for high-quality materials that withstand overhead storage pressures.

Navigating Airline Luggage Policies

  • Understand Weight Allowances: Every airline has specific weight limits for checked and cabin luggage. Overstepping may result in steep fees.
  • Plan for Restrictions:
    • Liquids: Containers must not exceed 100ml and be in a clear, resealable plastic bag.
    • Prohibited Items: Familiarise yourself with what can’t go in cabin suitcases.

By following these strategies, we can ensure a smoother and more enjoyable travel experience.

Where to Buy Quality Luggage in the UK

When searching for quality luggage in the UK, we’re focusing on two main options: online stores and high street retailers. Both provide a range of products suited for a city break or a longer holiday, offering everything from lightweight cabin bags to larger, check-in options.

Online Stores

Finding quality luggage is convenient with a variety of online retailers. Our selection includes:

  • John Lewis: An esteemed retailer offering a wide range of luggage choices, from durable Eastpak backpacks to elegant suitcases. They cater to every travel need and provide detailed product descriptions.
    • Cabin Bags: John Lewis stocks a selection of cabin luggage that blend style and practicality, ensuring compatibility with different airline size restrictions.

High Street Retailers

High street shops are ideal for those who prefer seeing and handling luggage before purchasing.

  • Independent Luggage Retailers: These shops often have knowledgeable staff and a carefully curated selection of brands.
  • Department Stores: Stores like John Lewis are present on many high streets and hold an array of luggage items to inspect firsthand.
    • Eastpak Items: Known for their durability, Eastpak products can often be found in these stores, allowing customers to check the build quality themselves.